Death of a Cyclist (1955)

Lucia Bosé
In Madrid, driving down an isolated road after a secret tryst, María José (Lucia Bosè), and her lover Juan (Alberto Closas) hit a cyclist and kill him. Instead of staying and calling the police for help the two run away as their relationship is a clandestine one and Maria's powerful husband Miguel Castro (Otello Toso) is partly responsible for Juan's position as a college professor. Maria and Juan were high school sweethearts and Maria married up in class when she took Miguel as her husband so when social wannabe and hanger on Rafael "Rafa" Sandoval (Carlos Casaravilla) teases Maria and Juan about secrets they keep. The two lovers start to think that Rafa may know something and they confront him. As it turns out Miguel reads the suspicious nature of his wife and her lover correctly and plans to take Maria away out of the country. Juan is a mathematics teacher at the local college and consumed by guilt when he causes an altercation and student revolt due to his distracted treatment of a student. Juan has a change of heart and decides to confess to the police and asks Maria to come with him, but the woman understands all too clearly her place and what she has to lose, and she confronts her conscience in an extreme way.----------------------
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