Sher Shivraj (2022)

Badi Begum Sahiba announces celebration in Adilshahi empire after she hears that Afzal Khan has captured Aurangzeb.But soon Afzal Khan arrives in her court stating that he had to free Aurangzeb fearing Marathi King Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj.Shivaji Maharaj has managed to capture many forts and proving a threat to Mughals the recent being regions of Konkan and Javli.Badi Begum calls Shahji Raje Bhosale in her court asking him to control his son fearing that he may also rule Bijapur in coming years and orders his arrest where Afzal Khan decides to capture Shivaji Maharaj.Shahji Raje through his spy's Vishwas Dighe and Bahirji Naik sends message to Shivaji Maharaj about Afzal Khan is marching towards him.Shivaji Maharaj who has recently captured Javli decides to build a new fort Pratapgadh on it and is ready to face Afzal Khan and his huge army by keeping watch on his moves.Afzal Khan had betrayed his father Shahji in friendship and got him captured in Bijapur and killed his elder brother Sambaji .The giant Afzal Khan is a ruthless person marches towards Shivaji Maharaj from different roots and destroys many places of worships on his way.Shivaji Maharaj tries to keep patience and wait for his wrong move but it does not go well with his mother Jijabai as Afzal Khan is creating ruckus. Shivaji Maharaj then decides to make a smart move by making Afzal Khan believe that he is fearing him and decides to meet him at newly built Pratapgargh also considering safety measures as Afzal Khan shares history of betrayal.—[email protected]
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