Mast Mein Rehne Ka

Mast Mein Rehne Ka

  • Drama,Action,Comedy

Monika Panwar,Faisal Malik

Kamath, a lonely old widower, lives a life of routine until a robbery shakes things up. The police find him unconscious the next day and comment on his lonely lifestyle. In his quest for change, he tries befriending strangers, until he crosses paths with Mrs. Handa, a vibrant Punjabi lady. Curious, he follows her around. When her house gets robbed, Kamath's presence arouses suspicion, and they end up in the police station together. Through endearing moments their friendship blooms, loneliness forgotten they have little adventures like stealing into other people's houses. But fate takes a twist when they encounter the very thief who targeted them in a stranger's house. As circumstances unfold, the unconnected lives converge, driven by fate's whims, as they strive to rediscover themselves once again.—MiM

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