• Action,Drama,Sport,Thriller

Fahim Fazli,Nargis Fakhri,Sanjay Dutt

The film is about child suicide bombers in Afghanistan, who have been trained to believe that killing the enemy is a virtue and glory in afterlife Tne Taliban abduct unsupervised children from outskirts of their villages and then brainwash them into suicide bombers. This started in 2007. It is 2014. Abdullah Qazar (Rahul Dev) is a commander of territory in Afghanistan. To kill him, American commanders bomb an entire village full of innocent civilians. But Abdullah has escaped.Naseer (Sanjay Dutt) is a celebrity (and an ex army doctor) who has reluctantly traveled to Afghanistan for the Hope foundation. Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) is his handler there. Naseer's wife Meera (Priyanka Verma) was the founder of the foundation who today supports a 1000 kids across Afghanistan. Naseer is not keen on this, as his own son was killed in an suicide attack conducted by an afghan kid. He cant see kids as anything but terrorists. Ayesha begs Naseer to see Meera's work and that he needs a purpose in life. Naseer agrees to visit the refugee camp. Abdullah (Rockey Raina) is Naseer's driver in Afghanistan. Naseer's son was a cricket enthusiast.In a refugee camp, 2 Pakistani boys (Baaz (Aishan Jawaid Malik) & Talib) arrive and have a real cricket ball. This is a real treat for the Afghan kids, who have never seen cricket equipment before. The Afghan kid are in awe to hear stories of Afridi and Kohli from them. Gulab-Ud-din (Rudra Soni) takes the ball from the Paki kids as he is the leader of the afghan camp. But Baaz fights Gulab and wins it back. Talib's mother was a suicide bomber. Gulab wants the ball and challenges the Paki kids to a cricket match. Winner keeps the ball.Naseer visits the camp as the match is in progress. When the ball is hit towards him, he throws it into the US compound, as the kids cannot retrieve it from there. One day a man approaches Naseer and says he is the father (Daljit Sean Singh) of Niaz (Mohammed Haq Peer Khan), the kid who suicide bombed Naseer's son Aryan (Preet Bhanushali). The father is deeply apologetic to Naseer and seeks his forgiveness. This changes Naseer's attitude and give him closure. He agrees to work with Ayesha and help the foundation. Naseer goes back to the camp with his friends and organizes a match of his own. The afghan kids agree to play with him, but the Paki refugees stay away. Abdullah is chasing the Paki kids as they escaped from his camps in Pakistan.Naseer starts a cricket training camp in the refugee camp, with a chance to get trained at the Kabul cricket Academy. But the kids soon start fighting with Gulab accusing Talib and Baaz of being Taliban supporters. Other kids include Ali Sher (Tapajyoti Sarkar), Wahid (Ballu Panchal), Imlal (Kanha), Khoda Baksh (Wahib Kapadia), Sadiq (Rehan Shaikh).. Baaz decides not to play as he does not agree with the ideologies of anyone not with the Taliban. But in his heart he is dying to play. Naseer also introduces other kids from different tribes.. This causes issues as traditionally these tribes are at war with each other in Afghanistan. But Naseer persists. Gulab is dismissed by a Hazaras, a player from a warring tribe. Baaz steps up to bat and hits him for a six. Gulab and Baaz become friends and eventually they befriend the Hazaras players Wahid and Imlal, as well (Naseer refuses to coach them till they accept them both in the team). Torbaaz - Black Falcon. Naseer wants coach of Kabul Cricket Academy Shariyar Khan (Gavie Chahal) to coach his boys. But Shariyar refuses as he thinks the boys don't have the right mentality and are suicide bombers at heart. Naseer challenges Shariyar to a match of his team against Shariyar's under 16s. If Naseer wins, the boys will be trained at the academy, if they lose Naseer will pay the academy USD 4000.As the US forces tighten the noose on Abdullah, he retaliates by targeting Kabul. There are blasts everywhere. Plus Abdullah tracks down Baaz at the refugee camp. Abdullah takes Baaz back along with the other Pak kids and restarts their training. Naseer and Ayesha look for Baaz desperately. Naseer asks his Afghan workers to help him get a meeting with Abdullah. Abdullah abducts Naseer and gives him a brief torture. Naseer argues that Abdullah should not take away hope from the kids. He wants Abdullah to let the kids play one match, as promised to Shariyar. Abdullah realizes that this match will be a way to spread more terror (The match has media coverage as well) and agrees to release the 3 Pak kids for the same. The match is set for the FridayThe match is underway between Kabul Juniors and Team Torbaaz. Kabul Juniors win the toss. The Torbaaz bowlers are carted all over the park, and soon Kabul Juniors are 53 for no loss. Sadiq steps up to bowl and takes a wicket. In 10 overs, 103/2 after Baaz also takes a wicket. Imlal returns and takes a hat-trick. Soon Kabul Juniors are all out for 165. After Gulab is run out, Imlal and Baaz come together and take the score ahead. TOrbaaz are 94/3. But then Imlal is out.. Khoda Baksh and Baaz take them to 138/5 when Khoda is out. At 19 overs they are 145/6, with 21 more to win. Abdullah also reaches the ground. Baaz scores the runs with Sajid and Torbaaz win the match.Naseer finds Baaz and Talib in the dressing room, wearing bomber vests. The Taliban attack the crowded venue from outside and crowd the audience into a small space. Naseer finds Baaz and pleads with him to abandon the attack. Baaz thanks Naseer and goes straight to Abdullah and detonates the bomb.

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